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Ecommerce Business Solution

We understand that every business is unique and its profitability lies in the efficient management of the business. RichPurple has designed and developed ecommerce systems which not just a selling points. But, also have great capabilities of business management in the backend. These systems are more efficient and require minimum team members.

AMC - To support your business post making the website live and taking care for the portal will require a separate contract of ecommerce AMC. This will be depending upon the work and team size requirement.

We can support your business from 5% operations to 90% operations under AMC. Thus, choice and requirement will be from client side only.  3rd party services required to operationalise the store are given below. These will be provided by the client. RPi can facilitate and introduce various service provider on request without taking any responsibility of any agreement between client and 3rd party.

  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Logistic/Courier service provider.
  • Product and folio shoot.
  • 3rd party creative images from stock images.
  • Website server hosting for the ecommerce store.

Precise effort estimation can be given only when we understand the project. For a better understanding send us your query.


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