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Website design and Development

The reliability of your company and the ability to realize your sales goals depends almost entirely on the design of your website.

Rich Purple has the expertise to design, develop, support and maintain websites across a wide range of projects, industries and markets. Our website design and development solutions are backed by technical and creative insight. We follow a well-tailored methodology that ensures real world results.

Our professional team of web designers has marked new genres of excellence in designing static and hybrid websites, micro site and dynamic websites. Our robust content management system (CMS) enables you to drive all the content of your website dynamically. It is easy to use, secure and can be as workable as your website requires. We are a leading name in website design and development.

Our website design and development service add a leading edge to your online identity by our customized solutions.

A perfectly done website design, distinguishes you from your competitors. We provide absolute website design and development solution to showcase your product or business online. We ensure fast downloadable images, Smartphone compatibility, browser compatibility and easy navigation having effectual graphics and interactivity. Our website designs are fully optimized and follow usability standards.

RichPurple's innovative and creative website designs help you to realize business goals, to strengthen your marketing channel and enhance the global presence.

Customised Dynamic Websites Design

We do customised hybrid website designs using the cult design concepts and establish marketing strategies. We bring together intuitive animation and textual information to give you customized designs that portray your corporate image and provide a unique user experience.

Customised dynamic websites are perfect for businesses dealing in goods or items in which content, prices, and specification changes frequently. Also the website with frequent product addition / updating needs a dynamic website.

RichPurple provide dynamic website design solutions to meet our client aspirations. Our flexible design solutions not only give information but also offer user friendliness, performance and an enormous amount of interactivity. We do search engine optimization of the dynamic websites to ensure global business presence over internet.

Our dynamic website solutions include database driven website, branding website, product website, knowledge base website, jobs database, resume database, member-only sites, intranet and extranet.

customised dynamic website
CMS Websites

RichPurple provides a very high end creative and business oriented website with world's top benchmarked application service providing companies to help your business to grow and convert potential users to customers.
Our idea is to develop a promotional application portal, which will be based on an easy to manage powerful CMS. Entire CMS portal would be managed by this backend management system.

Great Brand Presence

Great Brand Presence

We would like to uplift the current online brand presence and would add best of the user experience and usability guidelines. This will improve the user interaction and ease of use by the user.

New Age Design

New Age Design

We will be providing the design with best of our capabilities and knowledge. We will be taking care of your online and target audience's scenario. Creative UI will follow the aesthetic sense with minimum load time. There won't be any compromise with creativity, load time, aesthetic sense of the creative UI, usability standards, SEO compliance and taking care of User Journey on the portal.

Best of the Technology Use

Best of the Technology Use

We are going to use the smart HTML 5 coding to make sure that website fits into any resolution and any device (desktop, laptop, tablets, and Smartphone). We are going to use XHTML version compatible with all industry browsers [except IE6 & 7].

User Experience and Usability

User Experience and Usability

We would like to design and code the GUI based on the latest User Experience and usability guidelines. This will help you to improve the traffic rate and decrease the SEO bounce back rate. Every aspect of user journey will be decided/advised with the best of the usability experience only.


We would require necessary inputs from client to understand the requirement and deliver the best result. Our basic concept will follow these parameters to make sure that your website gets excellent user results.

  • Quick loading
  • W3C validated dynamic pages
  • SEO compliant Structure and Coding
  • Following basic SEO parameters
  • User friendly Interactions
  • All browser and OS compatible to make sure you do not lose any potential customer

Website design needs to be uplift with CSS, XHTML, good imagery and structure according to w3c standards.

 richpurple annexure1
  • All the links to be in HTML and not flash
  • Page layouts as per Rpi's suggestion and client's requirement
  • Stay in touch with Twitter and facebook (Social Media Functionality)
  • Quick Contact throughout
  • Call to Action
  • Neat clean coding
  • W3C and aboutus.org validated
Open Source Websites Development

RichPurple has a track record in open source technology of designing and development. We have delivered over 100 fantastic and business oriented open source websites to our clients. These websites are delivering excellent business results to our clients. Open source has a wide support of affordability, design templates, global community and web security.

We provide customisation on open source development. Have done wonderful work for past clients.

Some of the industry's largest name has open source as their global benchmark standards and fortunately they are our clients. They have picked us out of the competition by seeing our ability to deliver a true solution and support for the service.

Open source is a powerful method to design and develop a robust solution with variety and creative solutions to pick from.


Do let us know which one would you prefer or let us suggest you the best solution as per your requirements.

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